Foothills Medical Centre Parkade

Project Overview

The Foothills Medical Center has significant demands on its parking situation. This new parking structure made it easier for the public to find a parking spot and helped visitors and patients find their way around the site. This four storey, approximately 800,000 square foot parking structure would provide a lot of convenience, but it required expert structural engineering services to ensure its success in construction and years down the road. Grubb Engineering contributed our Precast Specialist Engineering and Production Detailing services to support this construction project.

Our team of structural engineers worked with an array of construction materials, including precast concrete columns, inverted tee beams, spandrels and double tees.

This project was completed in the fall of 2018.

3D structural drawing for Foothills Medical Centre Parkade

Project Points

Completion: Fall 2018

Gross Floor Area:
Approximately 800,000 square feet

Construction Materials:

  • Precast concrete columns
  • Inverted tee beams
  • Spandrels
  • Double tees

Services Provided:

  • Precast Specialist Engineering
  • Production Detailing
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Cladding
  • Timeline: Completion
  • Timeline: Completion