Meet the Grubb Engineering Team

Kelly Grubb
M.Eng, P.Eng, Struct.Eng, MBA

Structural Engineer

Kelly Grubb is the founder and principal structural engineer of Grubb Engineering. He holds a Master's in Engineering, specializing in Structural Engineering and has nearly 30 years of experience in the structural design of all types of building structures. This includes extensive experience utilizing all major structural engineering materials, including wood (heavy timber, glulam, log, conventional and engineered lumber products), steel (conventional, composite, and light-gauge), aluminum, concrete (cast in place and precast), composite materials, and masonry.

He strongly believes in collaboration between all stakeholders and strives to bring a creative yet down-to-earth and practical perspective to the table. His current role is focused on providing overall leadership to the firm, including concept designs and peer reviews, while mentoring the next-generation structural consulting team.

Carl Dies
Architectural Technology

Senior Associate
Structural Technologist

Carl has over 20 years of experience in architectural and structural drafting and design. He has worked on thousands of projects, from single story offices to multi-level parkades, recreational complexes to agricultural barns, and almost everything in between. Carl has embraced all the possibilities of REVIT and strives to continually push the structural aspects of the software to its limits. He firmly believes that the more conflicts you can solve in 3D during design, the fewer delays during fabrication and on-site.

Carl acts as quality control for Grubb Engineering and coordinates projects that come through the office. He also reviews our drawings to ensure they are high quality construction documents that can be used on-site. Carl leads our specialty projects for fabricators, ensuring full BIM 3D models can be delivered from our team directly to manufacturers for production.

Brian Wang
MEng, PEng

Structural engineer

Zitao Brian Wang is a structural engineer at Grubb Engineering. He received his Masters in Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is a problem solver in life and believes in the practical approach of engineering.

Brian has a keen interest in precast high-rise buildings and strives to create a harmonious working environment for all stakeholders. He believes that structural engineering consultancy has customer service at its core and that "delighting your clients" fosters synergy within the team.

In his spare time, he loves to hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week, with a focus on weight training. Additionally, he is a fanatic gamer.

"A fit body, a calm mind, and a house full of love—these things cannot be bought; they must be earned."

Jonathan Franke
Architectural Technology

senior Structural technologist

Jon Franke is an Associate and Senior Structural Technologist at Grubb Engineering. He joined our team in the spring of 2016. He holds a Diploma in Architectural Technologies and has over 20 years of design and drafting experience in various industries. Some include Recreational Vehicle Design and Manufacturing, Residential Housing, and Architectural and Structural Buildings of all types and sizes. Specific projects he has worked on include large twin arenas, architecturally complex churches and mausoleums, high seismic commercial and multi-family residential units, high profile museums and just about everything in between. 

He loves working in Revit and produces high quality 3D models that can be utilized by other consultants for coordination purposes.

Jon works closely with our Technologists and Engineering teams to improve our drawings and quality. He believes that a well presented and clean drawing package goes a long way in the outcome of the final product.  “If we can catch the problems on paper before we are on site, the better it is for everyone downstream.”

He is primarily involved in our buildings division but will help wherever needed. His ability to look at processes and procedures within our company is crucial and will help us move forward in the fast-paced world of construction. 

Kevin Spiller
MASc, PEng

Structural engineer

Kevin completed his master's degree at the University of Toronto before returning to his home province of Alberta. During his time with Grubb Engineering, he has worked on large industrial and commercial projects, and smaller community-focused ones, including community centers and recreational facilities in Red Deer. Seeing successful projects during a drive around town and witnessing how they benefit the community brings him great satisfaction.
Kevin has experience working with a variety of materials, with a particular focus on precast concrete and designing specialized precast concrete components. He pays special attention to constructability, both in the precast plant and the field. Kevin has overseen the successful design of thousands of precast structural elements used in parkades, arenas, and other specialized projects.
Defining load paths and creating free body diagrams are at the core of Kevin's design philosophy. With these ideas in mind, he works closely with the junior engineers on staff at Grubb Engineering to develop designs that meet applicable code requirements and comprehend the theory behind the code provisions.