Contract Administration

Construction Contract Administration Services

At Grubb Engineering, we understand that effective contract administration is vital for the success of any construction project. Our experienced team of structural engineers is dedicated to providing comprehensive Contract Administration services to ensure that your project is executed with precision and in accordance with industry standards. We will help you navigate the complexities of construction contracts, review construction progress, and ensure that all parties have a finalized schedule to adhere to.

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General Review of Construction

Our team will conduct a meticulous review of construction activities to ensure compliance with the project's design specifications, quality standards, and building codes. We will closely monitor the progress of the construction project, identifying any potential issues and providing timely recommendations to address them.

Support Contractor Queries

As part of our CA services, we act as a bridge between you and the contractors. Our team will promptly address any queries or concerns raised by the contractors, providing clear and concise explanations to maintain effective communication throughout the project. We aim to foster a collaborative environment that promotes efficient construction processes. Also, being in direct contact with contractors allows us to expedite solutions to any issues that may arise during the build process.

Review Shop Drawings

Our experts review shop drawings submitted by contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We will ensure that these drawings accurately reflect the design intent, are in compliance with the project specifications, and meet the necessary quality standards. Our thorough review process helps identify and resolve any discrepancies or potential issues before they impact the construction process.

Field Reviews for Conformance

Grubb Engineering’s team will conduct regular field reviews to verify that the construction work aligns with the approved designs and industry standards. We assess the structural integrity, workmanship, and overall conformance to ensure that the project is being executed as planned.

Issue Final Schedules

Construction scheduling ensures your construction project’s activities and their sequence are organized. As we are familiar with the design and construction phases of your structure, we can ensure that all construction activities progress smoothly and according to the established timelines. Our team will issue final schedules, keeping all everyone informed about the project's progress and milestones. We understand the importance of timely project completion and will strive to minimize delays.