Specialized Structural Engineering

Specialized Structural Engineering Services

When it comes to the efficiency of your build and the safety of your structure, you can never be too sure. That is why Grubb Engineering’s experienced team of structural engineers offers specialized structural services to validate the design of your construction project. With our specialized structural services, you can access design assist, peer reviews, third party site reviews and reports.

Find out more about our specialized structural engineering services and how Grubb can help ensure the safety and value of your structure.

Design Assist

Given our role as specialist structural engineers of precast concrete products for Eagle Builders and structural steel connections and components for Morskate Manufacturing, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to provide design assistance to structural engineers of record for projects utilizing these materials. By sharing our experience and collaborating with project teams early in the concept or schematic design phases, we can help ensure that structural designs for projects using these materials are positioned for success. If projects are not correctly established to efficiently utilize these materials from the outset, the result is often late-stage redesign and wholesale value engineering. By injecting this experience earlier in the project cycle, greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness will result.

Peer Reviews

Our team is licensed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, The Northwest Territories, and has provided numerous projects throughout Western Canada. With our depth of experience throughout multiple industry sectors, materials, and across this region, we can team up with owners, contractors, and structural engineering teams to provide peer reviews of structural designs at any stage from concept design through to contract documents. Our collaborative and practical approach is designed to enhance project designs and ensure that they meet the appropriate codes and standards, as well as are efficient and effective.

Third-Party Site Reviews

Our structural team can conduct on site field reviews during construction and prepare reports for project design teams who may be located outside our region. We are equipped to collaborate with outside project teams and ensure that critical components of the project design are executed in accordance with the contract documents and design intent. This can also include acting as a “second set of eyes” on the project design and construction.

Review Request Form

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