Swift Current Colony Dairy Barn

Project Overview

Dairy farms require a structure that is able to support different tasks such as housing, feeding and milking a herd. These facilities are also subjected to extreme conditions such as heavy weights, ammonia and external weather. Grubb Engineering provided Structural Engineer of Record and Specialist Structural Design services to ensure this 62,675 square feet dairy barn remains safe for the Swift Current Colony’s dairy operation for years to come.

The Swift Current Colony’s dairy barn was designed and constructed using wood truss roofing, precast concrete insulated wall panels and concrete foundations.

This project was completed in the summer of 2019.

Project Points

Completion: Summer 2019

Gross Floor Area
Approximately 62,675 square feet

Construction Materials:

  • Wood truss roof
  • Precast insulated wall panels
  • Concrete foundations

Services Provided:

  • Structural Engineer of Record
  • Specialist Structural Design for wall panels
  • Timeline: Concept
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Construction