NEXUS Warehouse Regina

Project Overview

The need for industrial warehouses continues to expand across Canada, including Regina. Nexus Industrial REIT was adding to their vast portfolio of industrial properties to help fulfill the need for warehouse space and meet the unique needs of their prospective clients. Grubb Engineering assisted on this 308,000 square foot industrial project with our Structural Engineer of Record, Precast Specialist Engineering and Structural Steel Specialist Engineering services to ensure the safe and efficient construction of this project. 

We worked closely with stakeholders to ensure the structural steel roof, insulated precast concrete exterior walls and pile foundations would be assembled efficiently and meet clients' demands while the units were occupied.

This project was completed in the fall of 2023.

3D structural drawing for Nexus Warehouse Regina project

Project Points

Completion: Fall 2023

Gross Floor Area 308,000 square feet​​​​​​​

Construction Materials:

  • Structural steel roof
  • Insulated precast concrete exterior walls
  • Pile foundations

Services Provided:

  • Structural Engineer of Record
  • Precast Specialist Engineering
  • Structural Steel Specialist Engineering
  • Timeline: Concept
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Construction