Northside Community Centre

Project Overview

The Northside Community Centre in Red Deer, Alberta is an expansive recreational structure that features a gymnasium, fitness studio, teaching kitchen, and multi-purpose spaces. This new facility allows the community to be active and connect. To accommodate the unique design and functionality of the structure, our team of engineers provided insights into construction materials such as steel pile foundations, exterior insulated precast concrete walls, and concrete on steel decks. The building also required input on its structural steel floor framing and steel roof system.

Grubb Engineering contributed to our Structural Engineer of Record, Precast Specialist Engineering and Structural Steel Specialist Engineering services to ensure this project was completed on time and safely.

This project was completed in the summer of 2019.

3D structural drawing for a community centre project

Project Points

Completion: Summer 2019

Gross Floor Area of Addition:
Approximately 15,000 square feet​​​​​​​

Construction Materials:

  • Steel pile foundations
  • Insulated precast concrete exterior walls
  • Concrete on steel deck
  • Structural steel second floor framing
  • Steel roof system

Services Provided:

  • Structural Engineer of Record
  • Precast Specialist Engineering
  • Structural Steel Specialist Engineering
  • Timeline: Concept
  • Timeline: Construction
  • Timeline: Completion
  • Timeline: Completion